Choose any 6 or 12 Superfood Smoothies, Power Soups or Nectar Flu Shots to fill your box. We have all the ingredients to fill your body only with the best!

Shipping is on us! We deliver straight your home, office, or whatever you like.

All the fruits, veggies and superfoods are packed in one simple cup — just add liquid,
blend, and go! For the soups…just heat it up and slurp!

How to Change Items, Cancel or Pause Your Order
Cut off day to make changes, stop or cancel your order is Friday prior to "Delivery Date".

Delivery "date" is set up for Wednesdays.

Details & Refunds

How does this work?

Choose a 6- or 12-pack, choose your favorite items, and we’ll ship the goods to your doorstep. Shipping is on us - free shipping!

When will I be charged?

We will charge your payment method when you place your order.

What's inside my Nectar Box ?
Your choice of 6 or 12 superfood smoothies, soups, ETC.. Our superfoods smoothies are pre-portioned in cups - just add your base of choice and blend! Our power soups just need to be heat up.

What will I need?

A blender and the liquid base of your choice. For soups, you will need a microwave or stove top.
We have done all the hard work for you! Enjoy it!

What do I do when I receive the Nectar Box?

Transfer all items to the freezer...Pull it out when you are ready to use it! Handle dry ice carefully, do not touch dry ice with bare hands. Keep Dry Ice away from children.

Do I need to defrost the smoothies before blending?

No need to defrost before blending — from farm to freezer to blender – just add the liquid base and toss your frozen ingredients straight into the blender!

What's the shelf life of items in the Nectar Box?

Items will stay super fresh for at least a month. We suggest consuming them within this timeframe.

Are the Nectar Smoothies and Soups Keto friendly?


What's your refund policy? 
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds after your order is confirmed.

Cut off day to make changes, stop or cancel your order is "Friday" prior to "Delivery Date".

Delivery date" is set up for Wednesdays.

Please make sure to edit, postpone or cancel your order before the deadline.

What if I received a product that's wrong or damaged?

Email us within 24 hours from receiving the order at, and we will take care of this for you.